Laura Scott is a "spectacularly nimble and graceful performer" (Washington Post); "a showstopper . . . enchanting, graceful and high-twirling" (Boston Globe)

About Ed's solo album Boston Hospitality: "milestone album for the Boston Celtic community" (Boston Globe), "Precious artistic jewel" (TACTalk)

“The Laura Scott Dance Group enthralled the local audience with a show that combined the beauty, spirit and grace of Celtic culture in music and dance. Each performer brought something exciting to the mix and it wasn't long before they had the audience fully along for the ride. Laura's choreographed selections brought the jigs, reels and hornpipes of Scotland, Ireland, Cape Breton and beyond to life, scored by the musical accompaniment of her talented husband Ed Pearlman and children. The colorful costume changes kept everything fresh and new. The Laura Scott Dance Group certainly won over a brand-new audience in Colebrook on Saturday night.” --Charles J. Jordan, Editor, Colebrook Chronicle; President, Great North Woods Committee for the Arts

"The hit of the Scottish evening was Portland's HIGHLAND SOLES, whose impeccable traditional musicianship and genial stage presence, allied to thrilling dance numbers (and dizzying costume changes) brought the audience to its feet."  (The Franklin Journal)

"On The Edge by Ed Pearlman and Neil Pearlman is a cracking album of tunes on mainly fiddle and piano. It demonstrates clearly the love that Ed and Neil have for the music of Scotland, Cape Breton and elsewhere, with Neil's jazz influences shining through. A real gem." --Ian Green, president of Greentrax Records, Scotland

“I didn’t know a violin could get such a range of expression.” – audience member and novelist from NYC

"I think I’ve learned more from Ed than I have from any of the instructors I’ve had in the past (and they were all awesome too!)"  "One of the friendliest most giving instructors – and most available."  --from student evaluations, Swannanoa advanced Scottish fiddle course


"I continue to get comments about how magical you all were!" --B. Woodman, director SRSNH

"What a great album!  Great playing and wonderful ideas from both of you. Congratulations!" --Natalie Haas, cellist with Alasdair Fraser, about our new CD, On the Edge.

"I was blown away by the Highland Soles. They were terrific. Their program was varied and i marveled at the way their members could assume so many different roles with skill and aplomb! ...That kind of sound and rhythm grips one's senses in a unique way."  --written comment from audience member

"That alone was worth the price of admission." Audience member after Highland Soles show, Maine Highland Games

"It was magic." Louise Dunphy, Celtic radio DJ, Northampton Mass. after Ed & Neil's show at Iron Horse basement

"I just returned from fiddle camp in Tennessee. I was struck by how much more I knew about the fiddle and about music in general than the other campers who had been playing for a similar period of time. I attribute much of that to your teaching. Practice rules, but it helps to have good tutelage." Jack McG.

"Highland Soles participated in our physical activity day...their presence was a huge hit! Laura wore traditional dress and her accomplished skills were wonderful for everyone to observe. Adding to the beauty of the experience was the music provided by Ed on his fiddle. The music got the kids in the true spirit of the dance and they were exercising without even realizing it!" Bernadette Papi, Kaler elementary school

"Best $12 I've ever spent!"..."Spectacular!" ... "That was a real class act." ... "Laura is a true dancer in every sense of the word." ... "Absolutely wonderful!"..."What an extraordinary evening--very touched & delighted"...audience comments

"Everyone was very impressed with Ed - both his teaching and his playing - and he certainly taught me more about how to use a bow in 20 minutes than I was able to teach myself in 5 years." student at Blazin in Beauly, Scotland

"There's one word for what you & your family do: spectacular." concertgoer

"You blew us away, on so many levels."  concertgoer

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